Significant Appellate Cases as Amicus


In Re Harris, 98 Wn.2d 276, 654 P.2d 109 (1982)(establishing the right to a hearing prior to non-emergency mental health detentions); In Re Schuoler, 106 Wn.2d 500, 723 P.2d 1103 (1986)(establishing the limited right to refuse electroconvulsive therapy);Harper vs. State, 110 Wn.2d 873, 759 P.2d 358 (1988) reversed 489 U.S. 1064 (1990)(case arguing for the limited right to refuse psychiatric medications).


Legislative Activity

Mr. Sarles was the principal drafter of what became RCW 11.88.090(2)(authorizing mediation in guardianship matters).


Mr. Sarles was involved in the drafting of RCW 74.34.135(regarding VAPA Orders).


Mr. Sarles testified on behalf of the KCBA Guardianship and Elder Law Section in support of RCW 11.96A (TEDRA).


Selected Publications and Presentations:


Title 26 and Title 11 Guardianships (CLE credited private presentation, May 4, 2018).


Selected Proceedings to Protect the Vulnerable Adult, Guardianship and Elder Law Section Meeting (KCBA, July 21, 2017).


The Power of Attorney as a Less Restrictive Alternative to Guardianship in Washington, 2017 GAL Training (KCBA, April 6, 2017).


Add a Dash of APS to a Teaspoon of VAPA, a Tablespoon of Guardianship, and a Cup of RCW 9A.56, and Stir: Charging Decisions and the Impacts on Proceedings to Protect the Vulnerable, Advanced Guardianships, (KCBA, 2016).


Examination of the AIP and the Medical Report, 2012 Title 11 Guardianship Training (KCBA, 2012).


Lawyers, Doctors, and the Termination of Life Support: Integrating Living Wills and POLSTs (Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatments), Elder Law at the Crossroads: Medicaid, Medicare and Medicine (WSBA, 2006)(with Sharmon Figgenshaw, ARNP, CHPN).


Living Wills and the POLST (Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatment): What are the Limits of An Individual's Right to Terminate Life Sustaining Treatment, Advanced Issues in Elder Law: Looking for Wisdom in all the Right Places (KCBA, 2006).


Discovery Under CR35 and Access to Medical Records, Advanced Guardianships III (KCBA, 2005).


Guardianships, Basic Issues of Elder Law in Washington (NBI, 2005).


Ethics: The Power of Attorney, Basic Issues of Elder Law in Washington (NBI, 2005).


Debt Issues in New Guardianships, (with Stanley E. Perdue, J.D.) (WSBA, 1996).


Settlements for Minors and the Disabled - Guardian ad Litems, Their Selection

and Use; Fee Considerations; Use of Trusts, Evidence and Settlement (with William Dussault) (WSTLA, 1986).

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© 2018 by Law Office of Neil R. Sarles The images on this website are copyrighted and may not be downloaded or reproduced.